Sunday, February 17, 2013

How Fear robs your Freedom

Fear creates havoc in all areas of our lives.

Can you feel the stifling effects of doubts, anxieties and fears in your life? Most of us do, unless you are a little child, or kept your carefree innocence somehow, which is rare.

 You may not even be conscious of it, but you hold a ton of negative images from the beginning of your life, and they are deeply embedded in your subconscious mind. It is not your fault, because it is a primal instinct, which is still very much alive and assured the survival of your ancestors. Therefore you are alive and here now.

 Today, we are not chased by predators anymore, and we don;t have to kill our neighbors to survive; we live in a rather peaceful world, if we so choose. And yet, we still encounter predators. Not the kind that devour the physical body, but the kind that seeks to control the mind. You give away your Freedom without even knowing it.

 Unfortunately most institutions of power and control will try to keep you manageable and predictable; so ‘they’ keep you small and self doubting. It started very early in your childhood, not because your parents were mean, but instilling fear and self doubt was an accepted tool to make sure that you did not explore your freedom outside a set boundary. This practice produced the best mass of obedient citizens.

 I know what you think….and I agree that we have entered a new era, where we started to collectively wake up to who we really are. This a wonderful, and so many of us feel the beckoning call to discover our true heritage of limitless possibilities and authentic power. There is only one ‘small’ problem; how do we overcome the deeply rooted subconscious programming that dampens even our greatest excitement with self doubts and anxieties as soon as we are back in our every- day- life routine?

 This is where I can help you, and it is my greatest passion to see you soar in your personal and business life.
How? I help you uncovered the illusions and lies that imprisoned your mind and held you hostage to a feeling of low Self Worth.

 I would really love to show you how to unmask the illusions that affect your life so negatively, so that Doubt, Anxiety and Fear have no power over you anymore. I will even give you tools with which to use the energy that you have wasted in doubting yourself, and apply them creatively for your greatest success.

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I am Angelika Christie.
I am your Freedom Whisperer
  "Total Freedom From Fear" 
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Monday, July 2, 2012

Please watch this video, and let us create a Hub for bringing in the new Era of Peace, Love and Unity for the Bahamas. Watch this video, and contact me if you feel inspired. We need you to participate:-)

Birth 2012 A new World Era

watch the video and feel your heart. Are you inspired? You are called for action.
Please join me in creating a hub for the Bahamas.
Birth Day New Earth: December 22nd 2012 looking to create a hub for the event with spirited, committed and heart centered people in the Bahamas. Let's do it. Watch this video, and if you feel an impulse, even if you don't know what to do with it; please get in touch with have been called for inspired action:-) Much love and many blessings to you. Angelika ">