Thursday, March 4, 2010

3rd showing of Gregg Braden's "The Science of Miracles"

Because of many requests to show the film again, and for all those who could not attend the last showing on Monday:

"The Science of Miracles" will be presented again next week Monday the 8th of March at 1:00PM sharp. Again there will be only a limited amount of seats available, so please call and reserve your seat as soon as possible.

A snack and a beverage will be provided and the donation for this and the film is $ 10.00 to cover the costs of the event.

Please call me to make sure you have a seat:-)

The film shows the scientific proof of the Quantum Language of Healing, Peace, Feeling, and Belief.
It is one of the most important films you will ever see; it will change your life forever.

Much love and blessings,

Monday, March 1, 2010

Thank you for your participation!

Today's first monthly "lunch and a film" was a great success.

Thank you for coming to get inspired an nourished (body, mind and soul).
It was a blessing that not all 20 people who wanted to come, showed up; I thought my Center ( Radiant Health Center in Freeport, Bahamas) would hold that many people... but I could see, that 14 of you had just enough space to enjoy the light lunch and at the same time see Gregg Braden's amazing presentation "The Science of Miracles".
So in the future I will keep the maximum available seats to 16 people to make sure everybody is comfortable; t least if it is again a 'film and a lunch'.
I enjoyed so much to the discussion time following the presentation. Didn't we all felt unity in our hearts and the call to service for a higher good? I think the time is NOW to come together as a group to facilitate change. We start in ourselves, in our families and communities, which affects our country and touches all of humankind. You and I can positively affect and facilitate the healing process between Nations. Our beloved earth needs our focused love energy from our hearts as well.

So here is a call to action!

If you want to be an active participant in facilitating positive change in the world and don't know how, please contact me!
We only need 36 dedicated people to 'jump-start' a real and measurable shift from crime and misery. The result will be better, healthier and more abundant people and communities in 'The Bahamas' and beyond.

Please go into your heart and ask yourself if you want to become actively involved in this budding community of like minded people who have a burning desire for 'the good', 'the true' and 'the beautiful'. We have a choice in the inevitable evolutionary shift. Do we buy into anxiety and fear, or do we live from our heart and become the change we want to see in our world.
Collectively, we have the power to create either Hell or Paradise; the thoughts and emotions we create in ourselves are mirrored back to us in our world.
What do you feel and consequently create?

Please wake up, step out of the illusion of inability and fear and step into your God given freedom that is realized and manifested when you drop the Ego and release your Heart and Soul Energy. We are all connected in this, but those who are awake now have the beautiful 'job' to help other in the 'birthing process' into the new world era of peace, love an cooperation.

Are you awake??
Call me:-)

All of my love and blessings are already yours.