Sunday, September 13, 2009

Why "Breath of Peace" in Yoga?

Every teacher has his or her own style, so also in the teaching and practice of Yoga.
The name came to me one morning in meditation, and it just felt right. This is what I teach, it is my style. But I still asked my Higher Self: Why Breath of Peace in Yoga? And this is what came from my sub conscience into my awareness:
The breath happens in the moment. Not in the future, not in the past, but in the eternal NOW. Peace resides in the 'now'. Peace is a state of acceptance and surrender to the inflow and outflow of air and prana. The acceptance and the surrender is the foundation of Peace.
By surrendering to the breath we bring peace into our multi-dimensional Being.
The gentle movement into various yoga postures deepens the breath and moves the frequency of harmony and peace throughout every cell of the body...bringing into being a state of unity of body mind and spirit.

This is what I feel, this is what I teach and therefor I call my practice of Yoga: Breath of Peace

If you want to experience the healing benefits of yoga together with the right way of breathing in a beautiful surrounding, the Garden of the Groves, join me.
Classes start on October 6th 2009. Thereafter every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 8:30 am to 9:30 am. Mats and props can be rented for $ 1.00 per session. Better bring your own, including water, towel and a small pillow to sit on.
A strap, or long belt would be good to have on hand as well.