Saturday, January 31, 2009

Time to get measured and encouraged again.

Hello All!

So, you have started (some of you are already half way through) the 30 day challenge. You should see some results by now. All the headaches and discomfort with the detox symptoms should be finished (except for those who just started).
The first week is the toughest, then it get better, and better, and better.... I have started with you (the first group) and enter my 3rd week now. I had actually gained 2 pounds in the first week. I had to adjust my munching on too much of the good stuff, like nuts and seeds. Even of all the allowed foods, one can overdo it; calories don't need to be counted, but they do count. Especially if you don't get enough exercise. So I took it easy on the nuts, and increased my exercises. I have not only lost the 2 pounds and a few more, but I see a change in my body shape; I like it! As I told you, you have to exercise every day. At least 15 minutes of concentrated high intensity workout (the ones we practiced on the field the other day). If you have any concerns with this, or want to come in for more instruction, please call me and I will arrange to meet with you.

I also want to have everybody at the Center on Tuesday evening at 5:30 PM for a one hour long instruction on visualization, self hypnosis and positive thinking, and share thoughts about your progress or the lack of it.
I will send out e-mails to everybody as a reminder.
Until then, stay focused! Don't cheat! be stubbornly consistent with your program, and you will be successful. I guarantee it! It's only for 30 days!! You can do it.. I believe in you and I love you.

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