Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Find out more about radiant skin

I am back with more information on NuSkin, one of the best products for your skin, your body, and, (so important right now) your financial well being!
It is not easy these days to separate the fads and fake from the treasures. Galvanic Spa System from NUSkin is such a treasure.
I have just created a dedicated website for you to get all the information you need. Check it out by going to:

I have 5 units at Radiant Health Center and if you like to see it first hand, even get a free treatment, just e-mail me and we set a time.

Saturday May 23rd at 10:00 AM at Radiant Health Center in Freeport, Bahamas
call: 242-353-1010 or send me an e-mail:

I wish you many blessings and radiant health.

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