Thursday, September 10, 2009

Breath of Peace Yoga in the Garden of the Groves

As the heat of the bahamian summer is winding down, Yoga in the "Garden of the Groves" is materializing. A thought and then a dream that came to fruition within a couple of days. Is it not astounding how quickly we manifest our desires these days...just as quickly as time seems to run through our fingers like sand. Time is on a path of contraction; I feel it is sometimes tough to keep up.

Here is a short writeup on the event that starts on October 6th 2009 and thereafter every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 8:30 am to 9:30 am in the 'Garden'.

To all my dear friends and clients, I invite you to join me for Yoga in the Garden of the Groves in October. I realize that the days and times will only work for those who manage the small but complex and hectic company called 'household'. ...Also my retired friends may have the time and those who are out of work for whatever reason, or those who can choose their time for work. But this is a start. I am excited and hope to greet many of your beautiful people to come together to strengthen our bodies, minds and spirits. It is not only going to be really good for us health-wise, but I promise a lot of joy. Read below and call me for more information.

What is Breath of Peace Yoga?

I have taken easy and medium difficult postures from Hatha Yoga and combined them into a flowing movement. By deepening the breath and surrendering to the movement, your body can relax and move beyond the barrier of resistance. This allows your mind to release tension, your muscles to soften and your breath to slow down and strengthen the entire body.

We start with a short centering visualization followed by a few warm-up postures. Then we move deeper into various Yoga postures and end the session with a series of breathing exercises and a short meditation.

What better place to calm your mind, strengthen your body and get out of the ‘breathless rush ‘ into a state of peace and harmony in the midst of the beautiful Garden of the Groves. The effects of regular Yoga practices have tremendous benefits which reflect throughout your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.

Give yourself the gift of peace and unity within your body.

Angelika Christie Call me at 242-352-1010 to find out more details or go to the URL below

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