Sunday, January 10, 2010

Reiki is recommended by Dr. OZ

Back from Germany (after a beautiful Christmas and New Year celebration), and finding it cold and unpleasant due to the unusually frigid weather. The snow was great in Germany , where I prayed to see it for Christmas, but here on our "island in the sun"??? Not snow, but close!!!

The greatest joy, that warmed my heart, and warmed my hands just by thinking about it, was Dr. OZ's latest show ( last week Wednesday ), where he recommended for EVERYBODY to try Reiki!
You can see a clip here:
Reiki is probably the most important energy healing method for our time. Why? Because it is easy to learn, does not interfere with ANYTHING, and, once you are taught from a qualified Master teacher, you have this gift of self healing for the rest of your life.

We live in a time of confusion, anxiety and fear that takes its toll on the health of many people.
Please find out if REiki is for you...find a good practitioner, get a treatment, and learn it for your own benefit and those you love. Reiki will transform your life for the better.

I will speak much more about it in the coming blogs. Just take the few minutes and watch the short clip by tapping on the link: and see Dr. OZ with Pamela Miles talk about Reiki; well she explains while treating a lady with a headache...

Love and Radiance and joy,
Reiki Master teacher

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