Friday, August 6, 2010

Should Reiki be abandoned?

This is the headline I found under a very prominent Medical website from the UK. It is the "Pulse" and you can read the article and my response, which I have posted below for those who do not want to read the whole article.

Go to the website and search for "Reiki" and the article with the threads will show up.

The below is my response to Professor Ernst, recommending to abandon the clinical research for
Reiki in Medicine.

Do we really need proof of universal life force energy? What if we just stay informed about the newest discoveries of science? Scientific research now proves, what was known thousands of years ago in China and India, and probably other places that all is energy, including our physical bodies. We are all connected through a matrix of energy that reaches deep down into each cell of our body. What happens outside of our body, especially within our energy field, is received instantaneously by every cell. In everything we receive, medically approved or not, there is a placebo effect. Why? Because our believes and feelings either accept or reject the 'message' in whatever way it arrives. A great way for lay people to understand this is in the DVD "The Science of Miracles". Reiki is not different from other approved energy medicine modalities; all work with' life force energy' that is available to everybody. The difference between, lets say 'Acupuncture' and Reiki is the non mechanical, but intent driven position of the facilitator during a Reiki session. There is so much more to say about Reiki and why it 'works' and is possibly the most gentle and loving healing modality available today. It is trans-formative to the recipient as well as the facilitator...and there we have the new paradigm that recognizes that nothing is separate. Personally, I do not care whether Reiki will be 'accepted' by mainstream Medicine. All that matters is that Reiki always works whether you believe it or not...just not always in the way you want if from your Ego. Why? Because it is guided by the highest intention for healing, which cannot always been calculated by the analytical, the 'small mind'. The practice of Reiki is a divine art, if you allow that highest part of yourself to move into pure intent for the good of the person who receives it; no ego..nothing to prove.

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