Saturday, October 30, 2010

Will you care for your Heart? Part 3

· Supplemental support

Unless you live in a rural area where daily fresh produce is offered from the local markets that were harvested within the area, I believe that good supplements from an organic natural source can be helpful in raising the nutritional value of your grocery bought food.

Everybody’s needs are different, so I won’t go into this here. Let me just mention some heart specific remedies like Co Enzyme Q 10, Magnesium, Acetyl L-Carnitine. Folic Acid. You can find out more about these by contacting me.

· Emotional wellbeing

Even if you eat the best food and exercise, your emotional wellbeing has an even stronger effect on your heart. Of course, you would seldom see somebody eating well and exercising and being deeply depressed. Stressed out and emotionally challenged people are usually unkind to their bodies and binge on unhealthy, or junk foods alongside with a rather lethargic deposition.

Your heart receives your thoughts and emotions first, and then sends them to your brain. So which organ do you think has a higher frequency, which is like a powerful signal that can be measured easily? We used to think that it was our brain waves, but we learned that it is actually the heart whose frequency is 50 times stronger than that of the brain. Amazing isn’t it? So who do you think is in command of your body?

Yes, it is your heart.

Chronic, or repeated negative emotions damage your heart over time.

Some of these emotions come from thoughts on unresolved issues, usually from the past. But also people who always worry about the future are in danger of heart disease.

The care of your heart takes a daily exercise in reflection of your thinking and attitude. Your thoughts create the emotion you find yourself in and the attitude you display.

Remember that the heart creates an amazing amount of energy, physically and also on a higher, non -physical level. So any of the negative emotions like fear, anger, resentment, jealousy, hatred, or any non-loving thoughts about yourself damage your heart.

· How big is your “YES” to life?

· How often do you laugh a day?

· How personal do you take what other people say or think about you?

· How much do you love yourself? Really love yourself without judgment?

· What are you prepared to let go of for the care of your heart?

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