Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Your Heart needs exercise and...

· Exercise

Your body is made for moving. We all live a much too laid back life.

Your heart is a muscle that needs to be exercised and challenged. How many flights of stairs can you run up without the feeling that your heart is ready to jump out of your chest? In order to train your heart to stay strong and healthy, you need to get out of breath for a couple of minutes, allow it to calm down and challenge it again a few times more. Do it once or twice a day for your heart, lungs and metabolism.

This is what our ancestors did; they ran a short distance to catch their prey…never for 30 minutes or an hour like so many do in a gym. It is unnatural to run for long distances, but short frequent ones are great for your heart. Building it up in intensity rather than distance.

If your heart is not used to be challenged regularly and learns how cope with stress and learns how to calm down, it will buckle under a possible shock or heart attack, which may kill you on the spot.

· Avoiding drugs

Avoid all drugs if at all possible. All healing takes place through right food, exercise, detoxing your body regularly, and a positive attitude.

There are no incurable diseases, but only incurable people. Your body can heal and renew anything in your body if you listen to its inner wisdom. What you have to do is stop immediately what you did that made you sick. A program of healing foods and herbs can support your body to heal itself. Your 70 trillion cells are that smart.

The place where you can get all information about your unique Self is in your heart and also your guts. So, before you allow pharmaceutical drugs, look to natural sources of healing. Nobody can heal you; it is between you and Nature. Nobody can help you, if you do not listen to your body and stop what makes you sick. No doctor can help you, if you do not take responsibility for healing yourself. I cannot help you either, unless you listen to your inner wisdom and take action to reverse the unhealthy habits and give your body what it needs to repair and heal itself.

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