Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How are you guys doing on your cleanse? Whether you are still on the Lemonade detox, or have already started the 30 days Elimination diet, I want to hear from you.
What are your challenges? Any strong detox symptoms? What has changed? Maybe you want to add some action to your regimen; something that will inspire you, get your energy flowing and your metabolism stimulated.
Listen to your body, do some deep breathing in fresh air (or open window), while visualizing your body clean and energized. In your mind, hold the vision of your perfect body, now breathe in the new good eating habits, breathe out the old bad habits. Do this for at least 3 Minutes, then smile, or laugh out loud, or do the chicken dance, real or in your mind. Just really feel it, with energy and excitement. Now go into your bathroom, strip naked and look at your body. Yes look at yourself and say out loud: "I love you! I really love and appreciate you!" If you can say that with some conviction (even if you don't believe it fully yet), your body will become more responsive and cooperative. Just imagine you tell your best friend constantly how you don't like this and that, and always look with critique and disgust at her/him. How long do you think your best friend will stay with you? Right...not for long. So, your body IS you best friend; treat it like one!!
Makes sense? I thought so.
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Let's make it fun, o.k.?
Angelika Christie

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