Monday, January 19, 2009

Starting with the Master Cleanser?

Yes, by all means. The Lemonade Fast is a great way to get to a clean slate before the elimination diet. It gets you definately on the right track. After 3-5 days on the Lemonade Cleanse, you will be so happy to eat some good nutricious food. So, you may want to take a break from food all together for a few days while you clean out your cupboards, and prepare for the 30 days by making your shopping list, for the following plan. Don't forget to state your intention for the day EVERY MORNING after you wake up. Maybe have "post it" with your affirmation all over your home; especially on your bathroom mirror! Drink a large glass of water to cleanse your internal digestive tract from mucous that has accumulated during the night. Do some deep breathing and sit in meditation for at least 5 minutes. Smile, and ( if it gets your energy rise ) do the "chicken dance" in joyful acknowledgment while you visualize having reached your goal. Now you are ready to do some vigorous exercise form your personal program. Your breakfast should include some protein (if you are not on the Lemonade Fast). Enjoy every moment of your morning, because it will set the tone for the day. Shower, and off you go to work, or wherever you may spend your day. More later.....

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  1. hi ,when i did my last cleanser with liquid only ,i got such a terrible headache .i had to give it up . but i know a fast and cleanse is real good for the body .
    i eat otherwise mostlt fruit and veggies and drink green tea and home made lime juice .